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Hemorrhoids in Mount Pleasant

At East Cooper Colorectal Surgery, the dedicated medical staff provide treatment for anorectal disorders including hemorrhoids in Mount Pleasant. You can feel confident that the hemorrhoid removal process we employ is conducted by highly skilled professionals in a safe and welcoming environment.

Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels that can form in the area of the anus and lower rectum. You may develop hemorrhoids due to pregnancy or obesity. Frequent constipation or the need to strain during a bowel movement can also cause hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can feel very uncomfortable and cause other symptoms such as bleeding and itching. It is possible to have internal and/or external hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid surgery is not always necessary; however, when symptoms become persistent and impact your quality of life, it may be the most effective form of treatment. Our surgeons make use of minimally invasive techniques to facilitate Hemorrhoid removal so you can move forward in life with greater comfort. Contact a member of our caring staff to schedule an appointment.